Lodging Tax

Lodging Tax report from Cook County lodging establishments.

It is required by state law that anyone who offers nightly lodging rental to the public is required to participate in the Lodging Tax Program. In Cook County that is defined as anyone who provides overnight lodging for a period of less than 30 consecutive days are subject to a lodging tax. This includes large resorts as well as vacation rentals (VRBO’s).

This report is generated monthly by the Cook County Auditor. There are currently 118 properties that are reporting. The majority of properties pay monthly however, there are a handful that pay annually and/or quarterly. When viewing the monthly report, you will see an “Apples to Apples Comparison”. That amount is calculated by adding the currently reported properties’ tax and estimating the likely tax from properties that have not yet reported by inputting the prior years collected tax for that property. While the summary of lodging tax data is available to the public, the amount an individual lodging property collects is confidential.


2016 August Lodging Tax (PDF) | See most current Lodging Tax Report on the Cook County Auditor’s website: http://www.co.cook.mn.us/2016site/index.php/tax/lodgingtaxrep

August 2016 Lodging Tax Cook County MN

August 2016 Lodging Tax Cook County MN